Radio NZ Te Ahi Kaa - Buddy Mikaere 4 May 2014

Originally aired on Te Ahi Kaa, Sunday 4 May 2014

Buddy recalls attending the 100th commemorations of the Battle of Gate Pa as a kid. The event has always fascinated him and he has worked as a consultant since 2011 to piece together the 150th commemorations. He explains the logistics with Justine Murray.

Duration:  5′ 56″

Radio NZ Te Ahi Kaa - Patrick Nicholas 4 May 2014

Originally aired on Te Ahi Kaa, Sunday 4 May 2014

Patrick Nicholas talks about the history of the Battle of Pukehinahina (Gate Pa) – the reasons that lead to the battle and the strategy taken up by its leaders that lead to the defeat of the British troops. Excerpts from the 1974 Spectrum programme, All the Queens Men, features.

Duration:  17′ 39″

Radio NZ - Te Waonui 4 May 2014

Originally aired on Te Manu Korihi, Sunday 4 May 2014

Te Waonui a Te Manu Korihi brings you highlights of the week's Maori news. On the show this week: - Te Reo news broadcasters told to keep the language simple; Recognition for the Battle of Gate Pa; and...wind, rain, and winners in a national ki o rahi tournament.

Duration:  22′ 12″

Radio NZ - Te Manu Korihi News 29 April 2014

Originally aired on Te Manu Korihi, Tuesday 29 April 2014

About three thousand people have attended the 150th commemoration of Gate Pa - Pukehinahina in Tauranga today; Famous Maori portraits will leave Aotearoa shores for the first time for to be exhibited in Europe; AgResearch and Ngati Apa have reached an agreement in principle for the sale of AgResearch's Flock House farm located near Bulls to the Rangitikei tribe.

Duration:  3′ 30″

Radio NZ - Afternoons Show 28 April 2014

Battle of Gate Pa

Originally aired on Afternoons, Monday 28 April 2014

It was a significant event in New Zealand history, 100 imperial British soldiers were killed or wounded in the battle, and it was recorded as one of the worst defeats for the British. Preparations for the anniversary have been two years in the planning and a commemoration dinner will take place on 28 April, just as it did 150 years ago, when a dinner was held for the British officers prior to the battle.

Duration:  14′ 22″

Radio NZ - Te Manu Korihi News 28 April 2014

Originally aired on Te Manu Korihi, Monday 28 April 2014

The Maori Council says it's preparing to mount a challenge against Crown plans to revitalise Te Reo; The Labour Party member due to replace Shane Jones in Parliament says too much money's being spent on Te Reo projects that aren't working; Maori are being reminded there'll need to be continued commitment to boost the productivity of land around Gisborne; A special haka, or a peruperu has been composed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gate Pa in Tauranga; The Waitangi Tribunal's deputy chairperson, Judge Stephanie Milroy, has stepped away from the role for health reasons.

Duration:  3′ 28″

Radio NZ - Te Manu Korihi News 10 April 2014

Originally aired on Te Manu Korihi, Thursday 10 April 2014

Settlements for three Bay of Plenty tribes have been passed into law; A treaty lawyer says a High Court ruling suggests people can be essentially penalised if they chose to speak te reo Maori in legal proceedings; A Maori soldier awarded the Victoria Cross has been invited to be the guest speaker at the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gate Pa in Tauranga.

Duration:  2′ 58″

Radio NZ - Gate Pa Battle Diorama

Originally aired on Afternoons, Tuesday 11 February 2014

As a child, Rob Hicks was always interested in model soldiers. He continued this interest as an adult when he began to build model railway sets. But it wasn't until he retired that he was able to really put the time into this lifelong passion and build a scale replica of one of New Zealand's most famous battle sites - Gate Pa.

Duration:  10′ 6″