Official Photos


Free Download

To download the official photos of the Commemoration Dinner and from the 29 April Commemoration Day for free click here.

This link will take you to a Dropbox folder to view the photos. Please right click and save the photos you want to your desktop. These can be used for any purpose to promote the Commemoration, but must be credited with 'Photo: Bob Tulloch'. 


To Order High Resolution Photos

High resolution photos can be ordered at a cost from the official photographer - Bob Tulloch. To order:

1) Right click and save each photo you would like to order to your desktop. It will come up with a number attached (IMG_5007 - IMG_5841).

2) List this number/s in an email to with your contact details clearly.

3) Mr Tulloch will reply to your email with a cost and internet banking details. (General public requests are approximately $30 a photo. Larger images for printing or for commercial interests will be quoted individually).

4) Confirm the order by email and pay using internet banking.

5) Once payment is received the photograph/s will be emailed or sent to you via Dropbox if the files are too large to email.

6) Photos must be credited with 'Photo: Bob Tulloch' if used in any manner other than personal use.

*Part of the proceeds will go to the Pukehinahina Charitable Trust to assist with payment for the Commemoration events.


Galleries On This Website

The photos in the galleries on this website may be downloaded for free. Photos must be credited with 'Photo: Sarah Tulloch' if used in any manner other than personal use.